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Jump parks see more severe injuries than at-home trampolines

Nevada residents who go to a trampoline park should know that these parks see a greater percentage of severe injuries when compared to trampolines at home. A study published in the Journal of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons has found that while 66% of injuries in general occur on home trampolines, as opposed to 34% for trampoline parks, the percentage of severe injuries is 55% at parks and 44% on home trampolines.

Severe injuries are primarily dislocations and fractures, including lower extremity fractures among both adults and children. Many of these severe injuries are open fractures and require surgery. The fracture rate among adults was 45% at parks and 17% on home trampolines. For children, it was 59% and 47%, respectively. Adults double their risk for a fracture requiring injury when at a jump park.

Trampoline parks, or jump parks, have risen in popularity over the past five years or so, and there have been few studies into their overall safety. What’s clear is that trampolines are not very safe. The U.S. Consumer Safety Commission estimates that there were 100,000 emergency department visits in 2014 due to trampoline-related accidents. Researchers hope that their study can help emphasize the role of public safety in reducing injuries, especially as healthcare costs go up.

Those who are injured at a trampoline park or other public property may be able to file a premises liability claim if they can show that negligence led to the accident. This could, for example, be direct negligence on the property owner’s part or the negligence of employees. Those who are injured at another’s home may also be eligible for compensation. Whatever the case, it might be wise to have a lawyer assess the claim. If retained, the lawyer may handle all settlement negotiations.

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