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Lawsuit arises over woman bitten by Wayne Newton’s pet monkey

Las Vegas entertainer Wayne Newton was one of the defendants named in a lawsuit filed with the Nevada State Court on Aug. 7. The plaintiff is the mother of a girl who was allegedly bitten by Newton’s pet monkey during a tour of the Casa de Shenandoah. This incident took place back in October 2017.

The Casa de Shenandoah, Newton’s former estate, is a 40-acre mansion with gardens, horse stables and exotic animals. Sold to investors in 2010, it was turned into a museum and tourist attraction. The company that runs the museum and tours is also listed as a defendant in the lawsuit.

According to the lawsuit, the victim, who went on the tour upon invitation, was attacked by the monkey without provocation. While the extent of her injuries has not been revealed, the plaintiff is seeking a minimum of $15,000 in damages.

In a statement to the media, the wife of Wayne Newton asserts that the Newtons are not a party to the attack because they had cut themselves off from the business that runs the museum and tours back in July 2017. She said they did not know anything about the attack, which occurred three months after that business had taken over the estate.

Under premises liability law, someone who has been injured on another person’s property might be able to recover damages. Property owners, after all, have a duty to maintain a safe space for all lawful entrants. Before they file a claim, though, a victim may wish to have a lawyer evaluate the case. The plaintiff will have to prove that negligence on the property owner’s part led to the accident.

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