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Riding your motorcycle in a crowd? Follow these tips

When you’re motorcycling through a busy area like Las Vegas, there is certainly a chance that you’ll have people walk out in front of you. While pedestrians should follow the rules of the road and avoid standing in the lanes, the reality is that large crowds might take up space where you should be able to ride your motorcycle freely.

If you’ll be motorcycling through a crowd, you can take steps to stay safe and avoid hitting a pedestrian or other vehicle. Here are three tips to help. 

1. Slow down as much as possible

While the roadway itself might have a quicker speed limit, you should always drive at the speed for which the conditions allow. If you’re approaching at 35 mph and see a crowd up ahead, it’s reasonable to bring your speed down to 20 mph or less. Drive slow enough to be able to stop if someone walks out in front of you. 

2. Consider turning around and taking a different route

If there is a protest or large crowd blocking the road for other reasons, consider taking a different route. While you may be able to slow down to get through, it’s safer to find a roadway that isn’t blocked. 

3. Use your horn and lights

If you absolutely must ride through a crowd of people, slow down, use your horn and flicker your lights. Try to make yourself visible, so that others will step back and let you pass. 

These are a few ideas to help you if you have to deal with a crowd of people around the roads in Vegas. You have a right to be on the road, but you do need to be cautious when passing through — for your safety and the safety of others.

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