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How someone’s genes can make them a poor driver

There are a lot of different things that make someone a poor driver. Age is a big one, as inexperienced drivers have been shown to crash more often. But now scientists have suggested that even your genes could impact your abilities.

What they found is that there is a gene in some people that works with a specific brain protein. The goal of this protein is to assist your brain cells as they communicate. Some people have a gene that restricts the amount of protein that they have within their brains.

The end result is that someone with this gene has brain cells that communicate at a lower level than someone without the gene. This can make them more forgetful and it can lead to more mistakes and errors while they drive. If their brain can’t work at quite the same level as someone else’s, a high-risk activity like driving, which almost always happens at a very fast speed, can be more difficult for them.

You always face risks when you’re on the road

What this really shows is that you are always going to face risks on the road. People can go through as much driver’s training as they want, and they can practice, and they can gain experience, but they still may not be good drivers. And even if you are an excellent driver, you still have to share the road with these individuals.

If one of them makes a mistake and causes a crash, then you may need to seek financial compensation. They likely have no idea that their genes could be the real reason for this crash, but they are still at fault and you still deserve compensation.

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