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Why proper loading in commercial trucks can save lives

We count on our big rig drivers to keep our economy working. They are responsible for keeping the flow of products moving from suppliers to manufacturers to retailers. Commercial truck drivers assume a lot of risks when they get behind the wheel, and their safety and that of other road users hinges considerably on how well their truck is loaded.

While factors such as fatigue, substance abuse, bad weather and distracted driving are common causes of large truck accidents, improper loading is another significant factor.

How does improper loading impact safety?

If the cargo is oversized for the vehicle or improperly secured and balanced, the risk that the truck crashes and injures people increases. Examples of potential problems include:

  • Loss of control in steering due to shifting loads
  • Potential for rollover accidents due to unbalanced loads
  • Susceptibility of trailers to the wind blowing them over if the weight is loaded too high
  • Compromised braking and tire response due to uneven vehicle wear and tear
  • Compromised steering and traction response due to too much or too little weight

Taking care to load a commercial vehicle properly can mean the difference between life and death.

Accidents resulting from improper loading of a truck will require you to seek injury compensation. Your first port of call would typically be to hold the truck driver responsible. Yet, when the collision occurred because the vehicle was not loaded correctly, you may also have reason to hold those who did the loading responsible. Getting help to understand all your options will be crucial to getting the full amount of compensation you deserve and need.

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