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Not all vehicle-bike collisions are caused by drivers

Those who live around Las Vegas have a lot to contend with on the road. Distracted, impaired, distracted and lost drivers (both locals and tourists) can change lanes suddenly or blow through a stop light. Visiting tourists often think nothing of stopping mid-crosswalk to turn around and take photos or videos before they continue on their way – or realize they’re going in the wrong direction and turn around.

Bicyclists can also be a challenge. From bike messengers and food delivery people trying to make it to their destination quickly to groups of cyclists on the outskirts of town taking up far more than the bike lane, drivers have to be on the lookout all the time.

While cyclists are typically far more seriously injured when there’s a car-bike collision, that doesn’t mean all collisions are the driver’s fault – or that those in a vehicle can’t be seriously injured. Often, this happens when a driver is forced to swerve to avoid a cyclist and crashes into another vehicle or a stationary object. Those on electric bikes (e-bikes), which go faster than traditional bikes, can be a particular danger to others on the road.

Bicyclists have to abide by the law

Nevada’s bike laws aren’t as strict as some other states’ laws. However, cyclists do have to ride in the direction of traffic and stay as far right as possible. If there’s a bike lane, they need to stay in it. They need to signal so that drivers know what they’re planning to do if they need to move in front of them. They also need to obey traffic signals and signs.

If you’re involved in a crash caused by a cyclist, it’s wise to get law enforcement involved immediately. If the cyclist has a video camera on their bike or helmet, those images can help your case. It’s also wise to seek legal guidance as soon as possible to help you protect your rights and seek the compensation to which you’re entitled. If a cyclist has homeowner’s or renter’s insurance, it may cover them their liability in bike accidents. Don’t settle with the cyclist or their insurer until you know the full extent of your injuries and damages.

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