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3 ways you can safely restrain your pet in the car

Car travel is essential for most pet owners. Unfortunately, traveling with pets can be very dangerous, especially if not properly restrained. An unrestrained pet can be a distraction and a risk to themselves and others in case of a car crash. 

Regardless of whether your pet is trained to sit in the car, they don’t know the traffic rules. Therefore, use the following tips to ensure your pet is properly restrained to prevent them from distracting you and keep them safe.

A crate or kennel

A crate or kennel can be the safest way to travel with pet dogs. However, the crate or kennel should be sturdy and secure. If you’re using an SUV, you can place the crate in the cargo area. You may need some straps or harnesses to secure the crate. You can also use special crates designed to have seatbelts strapped to them. 

Safety harnesses

You obviously know that seat belts are essential and effective in injury prevention. However, while your pet may comfortably sit behind one, seat belts aren’t designed with pets in mind. Therefore, you cannot use your vehicle’s safety belt to restrain your pet. However, you can use a harness that straps into a seatbelt to restrain your pet. 

A pet car seat

The pet car seat is similar to the car harness, but it is meant for smaller pets. They’re designed to boost the pet to a level where they can see outside the window while keeping them safe. The ideal pet seat should attach securely to the car’s seatbelts and will have a harness that can restrain your pet.

If you enjoy taking your dog on road trips, keeping them safe and secure behind a crate or harness is vital to prevent them from distracting you. However, even if you take all the necessary precautions, other drivers may not. If you get into an accident because of a negligent driver, seek legal assistance to understand your rights to fair compensation.

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