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What car accident risks are unique to Las Vegas?

Many cities have grown so congested or busy that driving in them is equal parts headache and hazard. Surprisingly, Las Vegas did not appear on a recent list of the worst U.S. cities for drivers. However, you may face many dangers — some common, others unique — when navigating local roadways.

Whether you reside in the city or are only visiting for a short time, stay alert for crash hazards. Despite not appearing on the dangerous list, this area sees a disproportionate number of vehicle accidents and here are just two reasons why.

Extreme heat

Hot weather often wreaks havoc on people and vehicles alike, and Vegas is one of the warmest regions in America. High temperatures could affect driver concentration and reaction time, potentially increasing crash risk.

It could also cause a tire blowout or mechanical failure in your or another driver’s car. Remember to keep your vehicle in good condition and be careful around other drivers to avoid a potential heat-related collision.

Public intoxication

As you probably know, residents and visitors usually have a great time in Vegas. There is likely a good chance that some of those sharing the road with you are intoxicated and at risk of causing a vehicle accident.

Since public intoxication is not unlawful here, the presence of drunk (or distracted) pedestrians is a unique accident hazard, especially around the strip. To improve everyone’s safety, keep a watchful eye on pedestrians that may be having some trouble coordinating their steps. You could encounter them any time of the day.

If you do suffer serious injuries in a vehicle crash, review the state’s accident and injury compensation laws and consider guidance to protect your rights.

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