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ACLU will appeal federal decision favoring Las Vegas hospital

Nevada, like many other states in the country, can face many complicated issues in its endeavors to provide adequate health care services to its residents. When a facility with ties to the state is suspected of mistreating patients, violating their civil rights, or behaving negligently in regards to their medical care, litigation may result. These lawsuits will often involve one or more civil appeals before they reach final resolutions.

The Nevada branch of the American Civil Liberties Union has stated its plans to appeal a U.S. district judge’s decision on the organization’s lawsuit against a Las Vegas hospital. The judge ruled in favor of the hospital, dismissing the ACLU’s claims.

The lawsuit involves a patient of the Rawson-Neal Psychiatric Hospital who was discharged, then provided with bus transportation to California. Attorneys from the ACLU claim that patients with serious mental illnesses are unable to provide informed consent for such transportation, and that the hospital’s actions violated the man’s civil rights. The lawsuit is attempting to restrict Nevada’s ability to send psychiatric patients to other states, and is seeking damages for the former patient.

Nevada health officials have publicly stated their approval of the judge’s decision, although it is unclear from reports whether the hospital is state-run.

Those who initiated civil suits and were given rulings favoring the opposition may want to consider their appeals options, as these decisions can be altered or overturned if a viable legal argument is made. If you believe your case warrants an appeal, you may want to discuss it with an attorney.

Source: Las Vegas Sun, “Judge won’t reconsider dismissal of patient-dumping lawsuit against psychiatric hospital,” June 24, 2014

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