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Trial verdicts are not always the end of the case

There are many situations in which a personal injury, commercial or product liability trial may result in unfair outcomes. When this occurs, we at the Aldrich Law Firm provide Las Vegas residents with the guidance they need to obtain just legal verdicts.

Depending on the situation and the available options, it may be possible to pursue a legal avenue that will provide you with a better legal outcome. This can include filing a post-trial motion, such as a motion for a new trial, a motion to amend a judgment, or a motion to amend findings. In some cases, there is even the potential to have a trial verdict reversed.

Filing an appeal is often a complicated process. According to the American Bar Association, appeals are based on allegations that material errors of law occurred. This often means that successfully arguing an appeal will involve technical and complex legal details. Further complicating the issue is the fact that these errors must meet certain standards. Simply showing that an error existed does not necessary win an appeal, as the error must also be deemed harmful rather than harmless. Errors that resulted in an unfair trial are considered harmful and grounds for reversal. Harmless errors, on the other hand, are considered to be minor and without any substantial impact on the fairness of a ruling. For example, the improper admission of evidence could be considered harmful, while a minor mistake in a jury’s instructions could be ruled harmless.

For more information about filing a post-trial motion or appeal, please see our page on the subject. 

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