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Unpleasant employees can make the job difficult for everyone

Every workplace in Las Vegas has its share of contention. From gossip to outright hostility, some co-workers can make the job environment a living nightmare. At Aldrich Law Firm, Ltd., we understand how a problematic employee can, in some cases, result in legal action. As a business owner or manager, it would likely be in your best interests to curb employee strife early, before it escalates and causes a major problem.

According to Vegas Inc, most of the usual types of workplace conflict can be resolved through effective and thorough management techniques. The type of negative behavior you might see includes gossip, forming cliques, workplace harassment or loss of productivity, due to socializing or playing on social media during work hours. How do you stop this type of behavior? You might call a meeting, either division-wide or involving only the employees in question, to address the problem and discuss ways for the behavior to change. Setting goals and reinforcing the behaviors you expect at the workplace are wise moves. You might also ask for employee input and implement a change in job responsibilities so employees can feel encouraged to work together as a team, and feel more valued as a result.

You could have a more complicated problem on your hands if employees are engaging in such negative behaviors as theft, fraud, escalating harassment or physical hostility. These transgressions require swift and decisive action, both to protect your company’s interests and the safety of other employees. When you need to address more serious employee matters, you will need to consider the best type of consequence for the situation. Employee training, reassignment, demotion or termination are a few of the options you might have for severe employee misbehavior.

It is not always easy managing several employees when they may have conflicting personalities or poor intentions. The way you handle unpleasant situations may help you avoid ongoing complications. Learn more about employee matters by visiting our employment litigation page.

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