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LV employers’ responsibilities for workplace safety

In recent posts, we have discussed what might happen if property owners are negligent in keeping premises safe and a customer is injured as a result. Liability issues may occur on the job site, as well. Anyone can suffer injuries from virtually any type of industry, from office work to road construction. At Aldrich Law Firm, Ltd., we understand that it is vital for you, as a Las Vegas employer, to provide a safe workplace.

Falls, sprains, strains and repetitive movement injuries are among the most common ways employees can get hurt at any job. For example, a worker might trip over an electrical cable that is placed in the way at your office. Someone could sprain their back from lifting boxes or equipment the wrong way or without help or proper lifting equipment. If the job requires repetitive motions, such as typing or manually controlling machinery, your employees might develop carpal tunnel syndrome, especially if their workspace is not ergonomically correct.

According to the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration, you are required to comply with certain industry regulations and standards, which include properly training employees in the safe way to do their job and providing them with safety tools and equipment, when necessary. You should provide training materials, posters and programs so workers are aware of the proper procedures for certain tasks, which may reduce their risk of injury. If hazardous chemicals, including common industrial-strength cleaners, are at your workplace, a Material Safety Data Sheet should be readily available. These provide instructions on how the chemicals are used and what to do in case of a dangerous exposure. You should also display a poster in a prominent place that explains employees’ rights and responsibilities regarding safety in the workplace.

Taking the proper measures to ensure your employees’ safety may help you avoid legal action being taken against you. Learn more about common workplace issues by visiting our employment litigation page.

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