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Many common repetitive injuries preventable at work

Whether you employ office personnel or skilled laborers at your Las Vegas business, there is always the chance of injury, as our team at the Aldrich Law Firm, Ltd., is well aware of. As outlined in previous posts, many workplace injuries involve such accidents as falls or mishaps with equipment. It is also common for repetitive movements that your employees regularly perform to result in a long-term injury or disability. Fortunately, many of these types of injuries may be preventable if you invest in the proper precautions and training procedures.

According to the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration, one of the top causes of workplace injury claims involves musculoskeletal disorders from repetitive movement. For a construction or assembly line worker on your staff, this might include manipulating machinery with the same movements over and over, or operating equipment that continually vibrates. Your office workers might develop hand or wrist injuries from long hours of typing. Repetitive injuries are often caused by poor posture, excessive force, substandard tools or improper organization of a task.

You might be able to reduce or prevent your employees’ risk of developing a repetitive injury by providing ergonomically correct equipment, encouraging breaks or frequent changing of tasks and teaching proper posture and exercise techniques that relieve and strengthen the muscles and joints that are used in repetitive tasks.

It may be in your business’s best interest to do everything possible to minimize the chances of repetitive injury. You can learn more about common business issues involving employment by visiting our employment law page.

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