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Third party sexual harassment and your employees

Taking care of your Nevada employees is important, not just so you meet all the federal and state requirements, but also to protect your talent and keep professionals from leaving your organization. Crafting detailed contracts, policies and procedures helps, but sometimes, a threat can come from outside your realm of authority. We at the Aldrich Law Firm, Ltd., understand the measures companies should take to prevent sexual harassment from third parties, and frequently provide advice about what employers should do when it occurs.

As Nonprofit Quarterly points out, regardless of the type of business you run, from nonprofit to C corporation, your employees are likely to interact with clients, vendors, donors, customers or peers in the field. Even if your company’s culture does not tolerate sexual harassment, any inappropriate sexual advances from one of these parties could still result in an action against you by a worker in your organization.

While you cannot control the level of professionalism third parties display, you can foster a climate of openness in your organization so that employees are not afraid to come forward when they are sexually harassed. You should train your employees in how to deal appropriately with unwanted sexual advances from a third party. Employees should know that if they come to you with a complaint, you will take them seriously and immediately address the situation.

Unwanted sexual behaviors are an ongoing threat to both women and men in the workplace; in fact, one in four women have reported sexual harassment, and one in 10 men. More information about sexual harassment claims is available on our web page.

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