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Avoiding slip-and-fall accidents

Falls are a common cause of injuries in Nevada. In regard to workplace accidents, falls from a height are two to three times more expensive in terms of costs than falls on a level surface. Even a fall from a couple feet can result in life-changing injuries. However, there are several ways to prevent falls from occurring.

Removing obstacles is one way to prevent falls. Clearing pathways by removing cords, mats and carpet that are not lying flat can eliminate major hazards. It is also important to clean up spills right away.

Utilizing good footwear is another important measure for preventing falls. Shoes should be stable and slip resistant. Non-grip shoes like high heels can increase the risk of a dangerous fall.

A third way to prevent falls is to use proper equipment when trying to get to an item that’s difficult to reach. Standing on unstable items like boxes or furniture creates a substantial risk of a fall. It is important to always use a stool, ladder or another appropriate tool for reaching items stored up high.

Fourth, clearing stairs is an essential way to prevent some very risky falls. It is important to frequently check handrails and keep stairs well-lit and free of obstacles.

Falls are a common cause for personal injury claims every year. Failure to repair known hazards can result in liability for business owners. Known hazards may include temporary dangers that employees, business managers or other agents of the company should have noticed, such as slippery floors.

A lawyer could help a slip-and-fall victim prove essential elements of a personal injury claim. These include proof that a hazard existed that caused the plaintiff’s fall, that the business owner or their agents should have known of the hazard and that the fall caused damages.

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