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Shooting victim files premises liability lawsuit

One of the survivors of a fatal shooting at a video game tournament has filed a lawsuit seeking recovery for damages. Nevada readers might already be aware of the shooting that took place at a Madden tournament on August 26. The man who has filed suit was shot twice in the incident.

Two people were killed when a person opened fire at a pizza parlor called Chicago Pizza in Jacksonville, Florida. Several others were injured, including the man who has filed suit. He alleges that the venue was unsafe and that Electronic Arts, publisher of the Madden line of video games, was negligent in its preparation and handling of the situation. Eight defendants are named in the complaint, including the Jacksonville Landing Mall along with EA and Chicago Pizza.

The complaint alleges that EA did not provide a secure and safe environment for the tournament fans and participants. According to his attorney, the man traveled to the venue to play video games, trusting the organizers and hosts and believing he was entering a safe place. He says there was an abject failure to have sufficient security at the event and that the lawsuit was brought to hold the responsible parties accountable.

The complaint goes on to allege that Jacksonville Landing is a location that has a track record of violent, dangerous and deadly activity. It cites shooting and stabbing incidents that have occurred there in recent years. People who are injured due to the negligence of others may be entitled to recover for medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages or other damages. In a case where a person is injured on the premises of another, an attorney might be able to help by identifying parties who may be liable or by gathering evidence in preparation for trial. An attorney with experience in premises liability cases might negotiate settlement or draft and file a complaint in civil court.

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