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Key safety measures while riding an escalator

Nevada residents may not think much of getting on and off an escalator. However, doing so in an improper manner could result in a serious injury. Parents who have children accompanying them on an escalator should hold their hand and make sure that they stand instead of sit on the steps. It is also not a good idea to bring a wheelchair or other item with wheels on the escalator.

While on the escalator, people must be sure to stand facing the direction that it is moving. Riders should check to ensure that loose clothing or anything else that could be caught in the escalator is secured. No one should be riding on the handrail while going up or down. When it is time to get off, it’s best to keep moving until completely off the structure and clear of others trying to get off behind. This ensures that an individual doesn’t trip, fall or get run over by others on the escalator.

At all times, individuals should keep at least one hand on the handrail. It may be necessary to adjust hand position as the escalator moves to remain both secure and comfortable. Proper footwear can make it easier to prevent a slip or fall while riding on the escalator, and individuals should refrain from standing too close to the sides.

A slip and fall on an escalator or any other structure could result in a lawsuit against a property owner. If the fall was the result of a dangerous condition, the property owner may be liable for medical bills or other damages incurred. In some cases, multiple parties may be liable for damages. An attorney may be able to review a case to determine who is responsible for compensating an injured victim for injuries related to their negligence.

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