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Grocery store chain protects against slip-and-fall accidents

Slip and fall accidents in retail and other public establishments can cause serious injury to people in Nevada, but one company based in Pennsylvania has taken steps to almost completely eliminate the risk. Redner’s Market, which operates in three eastern states, has addressed the major errors made by many other businesses of failing to have a thorough plan in place and failing to follow safety procedures. The company is employee-owned, and this may contribute to the conscientiousness shown.

One way Redner’s achieves their high safety standards is by choosing the right product for the job. For example, most stores use floor mats, but at Redner’s, they are kept in place with adhesive backing. The company’s insurance officer and risk management director work together closely. Employees are also surveyed for input into how the store could be made a safer environment. They can be a valuable resource since they know the store so well.

Following Redner’s lead, stores and other businesses can look beyond putting mats just at the entrance and find other places where there might be safety hazards. One important innovation for the company is a barcode system that is used to document an employee’s check of an area. This can be important if a lawsuit is filed to demonstrate that what happened was not the result of negligence.

Demonstrating negligence is the key in a successful premises liability lawsuit. Businesses are obligated to keep their premises safe for visitors, and this can include making sure that areas have adequate lighting, floors are not wet, there are no hazards in walkways and stairways are safe. If a company fails to mop up a puddle of water or fix a broken handrail and a person is injured as a result, the company may be required to pay compensation.

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