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Various types of slip and fall claims

A Nevada resident who slips, trips and/or falls on another’s property may be able to file an injury claim. There are various types of slip-and-fall claims; these cases could arise from different forms of negligence on the property owner’s part.

Property owners have a duty to ensure the safety of all lawful entrants, including guests, customers and employees. They may fail in this duty by having inadequate facilities. This category can include signs of negligence like dim lighting, torn carpeting and the haphazard placing of cords and cables. Someone who has been injured as a result of inadequate facilities must show that the owner failed to address the issue in a reasonable amount of time.

Another type of claim involves inadequate warning signs. For example, a property owner may fail to put a sign before a wet floor or a malfunctioning automatic door, or they may fail to warn a customer that a beverage is hot. Equipment malfunctions, especially malfunctioning elevators, escalators and automatic walkways, are also commonly found in premises liability claims.

In cases of minor injuries, a victim may direct their claim toward a small claims court. If injuries are severe, or if a victim is filing against a business rather than an individual, then the level of damages may be higher.

Someone who intends to a file a premises liability claim, whether it is against the owner of an office building, supermarket, restaurant or residential property, may want to see a lawyer because there will likely be opposition. A lawyer may take on the task of proving the defendant’s negligence and linking that to the injury. They may also clear the plaintiff of any accusations of reckless behavior. In the end, the lawyer could potentially negotiate for a settlement.

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