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Posts tagged "breach of contract"

Verizon sued for breach of contract by ESPN

When two companies enter into a contract in Nevada, and elsewhere, it is expected that each side will abide by the terms of the contract. Should one company, or the other, not fulfill their obligations as stated in the contract, business disputes may arise. In some cases, this can lead to serious legal issues.

What is the definition of a contract breach?

Anyone involved in business will likely run into or hear about a situation in which a breach of contract was involved. While it may seem straightforward, a true breach of contract is actually somewhat complex. This is due to the fact that a contract breach must meet a number of different requirements in order to be considered legitimate.

Las Vegas Hotel and Casino faces copyright infringement suit

Many Las Vegas casinos offer world-renowned musicals, magic shows, concerts and other stage performances. The development and production of these shows often involve multiple business contracts addressing various legal issues, including employment terms, the assignment of intellectual property rights and royalty payment structures. When a problem arises in any one of these legal areas, litigation may result.

Construction litigation ensues over allegedly unpaid bill

A lot of cities across the country are experiencing rapid growth, and Las Vegas is no exception. These large-scale projects bring welcome economic boons, but they can also incur complicated legal disputes. In some instances, litigation may be required to resolve these issues.

Las Vegas' GeoMetWatch sues USU for intellectual property theft

Intellectual property is an important aspect of many Las Vegas businesses. The protection of this valuable information is closely guarded by management and executives, and corporate contracts will usually include provisions that help ensure confidential documents are not compromised. When companies suspect that their intellectual property has been stolen, they may choose to uphold their rights through contract litigation.

Employment litigation plaintiff wants to see tech giants in court

Many Las Vegas companies have faced business litigation at some point in their histories. Such lawsuits can be very burdensome for corporations, as they divert resources away from the everyday needs of the business. Often, the parties involved prefer to shorten the amount of time needed to resolve the issue by opting for a settlement instead of a trial. However, if settlement talks break down or the proposed amount is considered too paltry, plaintiffs may abandon these negotiation efforts and choose to pursue their claims in court.

Business' suit claims breach of contract, stolen trade secrets

For Las Vegas companies, the protection of confidential information such as client lists and methods of doing business is often vital to success. Many businesses recognize this, and proactively require their workers to sign contracts that include non-complete clauses and restrictions on disclosing trade secrets. If employees who sign these agreements begin working for a direct competitor or leak confidential data, their former employers may choose to settle the business disputes through contract and trade secret litigation.

Las Vegas magician accuses stagehands of revealing trade secrets

World-class illusionist performances are one of the biggest draws to Las Vegas hotels and casinos. Inherent in the value of these shows is the mystery behind the any given trick, which makes it imperative for magicians to maintain their performance methods as intellectual property. To protect against the theft of trade secrets, many illusionists require their employees to sign confidentiality agreements, which are vigorously litigated if it is suspected that these workers have leaked information about the performer’s tricks.

Nevada health website delays disputed

When businesses engage in contractual relationships, the potential for problems down the road always exist. Nevada companies both big and small can attest to challenges they experience when facing a business dispute. In some situations, the problem is easily identifiable. Other times, however, the crux of the problem is not as clear-cut. Whether the issue involves a domestic or foreign company, fraud, product liability, breach of contract or more, the need for help is real.

Nicollette Sheridan employment suit resurrected

The entertainment industry is a huge part of Las Vegas’ tourism economy, and the men and women hired to perform in the city’s many shows are often paid large sums of money for their contributions. When employment issues involving the contracts of famous or high-profile performers arise, they can become quite contentious, in part because the public is often very interested in the outcomes. These types of disputes can result in contract or employment litigation, and can often stretch out for very long periods of time.

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