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Posts tagged "corporate dispute"

The pros and cons of protecting an invention as a patent

Many businesses seek to protect their inventions via patents, as is evidenced by the fact that the United States Patent and Trademark Office received over 600,000 patent applications in 2013 alone. This type of intellectual property protection, however, may not be appropriate for every situation. There are a number of pros and cons to patent ownership, all of which Las Vegas entrepreneurs may want to review prior to filing a patent application.

Commercial litigation against Coca-Cola moves forward

Las Vegas businesses must operate in accordance with all relevant state and federal laws and regulations. Sometimes the intersection of two or more statutes can lead to technical legal issues, and in many instances the survival of a lawsuit depends on how courts interpret the interaction of those laws.

Employment litigation plaintiff wants to see tech giants in court

Many Las Vegas companies have faced business litigation at some point in their histories. Such lawsuits can be very burdensome for corporations, as they divert resources away from the everyday needs of the business. Often, the parties involved prefer to shorten the amount of time needed to resolve the issue by opting for a settlement instead of a trial. However, if settlement talks break down or the proposed amount is considered too paltry, plaintiffs may abandon these negotiation efforts and choose to pursue their claims in court.

Las Vegas inventor's patents could impact entire tech industry

In the world of technological intellectual property, the stakes are high and the payouts substantial. Las Vegas, as the home to world-class entertainment shows and cutting-edge businesses, sees its fair share of these types of business disputes. Often these cases involve the unlicensed use of a patented product or a copyrighted work, but in some instances it is a battle over whether something is in fact a protected piece of intellectual property. In cases such as these, an inventor’s intellectual property dispute over a patent may lead to litigation against the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Tech giants take aim at patent-licensing firms

Nevada is home to a number of companies with presence in the national and global markets. Sometimes, these businesses become involved in complex legal issues with major companies, who are pursuing legal strategies that are part of a larger corporate goal. This type of commercial litigation can often be quite complicated, and may take several years to fully resolve.

Target breach brings security standards under scrutiny

The prospect of identity theft is scary, in part because it uses victims’ own personal information against them. As a result of the public’s increasing awareness of this risk, people in Las Vegas and around the country have become much more cautious about safeguarding their identifying data, but are willing to providing it to trustworthy companies such as established national chains. However, as was seen in Target’s recent security breach, sometimes a retailer can unwittingly release its customers’ information. Such incidents, and their resulting commercial litigation, can sometimes spur a review of standard security practices.

Lawsuit regarding hospital's financial breakdown dismissed

The most recent recession hit many Las Vegas establishments hard. For some, business slowed down, while others had to close their doors for good. All throughout the country the negative economic effects were felt. While conditions have been improving in many parts of the country, some individuals are still struggling with complications caused by the recession.

Fraud awareness helps businesses spot problems

Starting November 3rd, International Fraud Awareness Week helped Las Vegas business owners and workers remain cognizant of the prevalence of fraud, and helped educate individuals on how to both identify and prevent it from happening in the workplace.

Judge approved razing of Las Vegas Harmon Hotel tower

Las Vegas property owners have a responsibility to their patrons and the general public to protect consumers and provide a safe place for them. Everything from a slippery floor to a structurally unsound building has the potential of damaging others and must be properly dealt with even if it costs the property owners millions of dollars to do so.

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